Who we are

    Niels Rydder

    Niels Rydder

    Niels Rydder is Chairman, President and CEO of oak creek holdings, Inc. and its wholly owned subsidiary, oak creek energy. Niels has spent over 30 years in the Wind industry. He was CEO of M&N Wind Power, GREP and CFO of SeaWest. Niels specializes in the impossible, never hesitating to take on a project that others say can’t be done.

    Sheldon Greene

    Board member
    Sheldon Greene has been with OCE since its beginning, serving as Executive Board Member, Vice President, Director and Compliance Officer. He has worked simultaneously as a lawyer, an executive, and a novelist. A man ever ready to take on a good cause, Sheldon has successfully pursued legal cases supporting the health care rights of the working poor and strengthening regulations benefiting farm workers.

    Ron Grey

    Board member
    Ron Grey is Oak Creek Holding’s Vice Chairman and oak creek energy‘s Executive Vice President and has been involved with the company since its early days. Ron has over 30 years of Energy and Infrastructure Construction experience and has helmed several enterprises constructing numerous high profile projects. Ron’s drive and can do approach has a positive impact on making even the most challenging projects happen as expected.

    Nis J Bennetzen

    Board member

    Masayuki Ito

    Masayuki has served as Executive Vice President of OCE since 2008 and is currently President of oak creek de méxico. Masayuki has more than 20 years of experience in the global wind power and renewable energy industry – including senior roles at Fuel Cell Energy, Marubeni, NEG Micon, Vestas and Nichimen Corporation. Ito is OCE’s wind turbine expert. Ito leads the Construction and Operations department as well as major equipment procurement, which he selects for the best price for LCOE and reliability for long-term operation. Masayuki believes in the power of wind energy to create positive change and help secure a healthy, sustainable future for all.

    Henri Schumann

    Vice President, Business Developmen
    Henri Schumann is Vice President, Business Development and has worked in the wind industry since 1998. He brings with him a global commercial experience in sales, contracting, risk management and procurement from various senior positions with leading wind OEMs and suppliers.

    Carina Leegaard Costa

    Vice President

    Henning Jensen

    Henning G. Jensen

    Sales and Project Director
    Henning G. Jensen has a Bsc. E.E. and more than 30 years in the wind energy industry. Henning developed the first computer-based controller for Vestas in 1985. He brings a proactive sales attitude, global experience and multiple language capabilities to the NerWind table.